Measure F Retroactively Increases Public Pensions!

Four years ago, San Jose voters approved Measure B to reform public pensions and reign-in skyrocketing costs. Now the city and the labor unions crafted an agreement behind closed doors to RETROACTIVELY increase pensions for over 1300 city employees. These are precisely the kind of retroactive increases that Measure B prohibited and city leaders are promising to prohibit again in Measure F - but they are not talking about the retroactive increases buried in this measure!

Pension Benefit Increase:

25% Increase

Increases Retirement Benefits by Nearly 25%

Retiree Annual Increase:

Increases Cost of Living Adjustments a Whopping 33%

City Costs Increase:

City Pension Contribution Rates Will Skyrocket by 36%

Measure F Immediately Creates Nearly $10 MILLION in Additional Debt

Somebody has to pay for these retroactive increases: the taxpayers! Measure F creates Millions of dollars in taxpayer debt - that must be paid back with interest, on top of the $179 Million in annual interest taxpayers already pay!

Retroactive Pension Increases

Retroactive Pension Increases for 1,300 employees will add and immediate debt of over $8 Million, plus interest, which will add $600,000 a year to the city budget for 20 years.

New Retiree Benefit

Thousands of employees who have already retired will get a new Inflation Protection benefit that creates an immediate debt of over $3 Million and adds $780,000 to the city budget each year.

The Mayor and City Council Didn't Want You to Vote on This Measure!

This measure had no public input in its drafting. Public union bosses and city leaders negotiated in secret, then tried to implement it through a questionable court action and without a vote of the people as required by law.

It took a court action by the Silicon Valley Taxpayers' Association to force the city to put this to a vote. Why didn't they want you to vote on it?

Measure F is Not About Public Safety!

The Mayor and Police Chief keep telling you Measure F is needed to ensure public safety and for hiring police officers. What they are NOT telling you is that these retroactive increases are nearly all for non-public safety employees! The overwhelming majority of city employees - 1,200 employees - receiving these large increases in pension benefits are NOT police officers or firefighters.

How many services will have to be cut to pay for these increases?

Under Measure F, New San Jose Employees will Have the Richest Pensions in the State

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We invite you to join us in that mission!